E l 'A n e e t
Poet - Author - Jewelry Designer - Edu-tainer - Talk Radio Personality - Broker


A Journey of a Lifetime

Enter and find reasons why she should be considered for your next project.

From Productions, Lectures to "Edu-taining" ElAneet can be counted on to deliver 
at the highest level.  
Recipient of a Plethora of Awards and Accolades Including:

   *Honored by the World Television Network: Excellence in Entertainment 

   *SCLC Award for best autobiography for Angel of the Jordan River

   *First African American Female licensed to appraise real estate in the state of Ohio

   *Listed on the Wall of Tolerance authorized by Mrs. Rosa Parks and Mr. Morris Dees

   *Co-Chair of the Congressional Business Advisory Council 

   *National Leadership Award: Honorary Co-Chair  National Congressional Committee

El'Aneet has entertained the world over and shared the stage with such greats as:

   *Winnie Mandela
   *Whitney Houston
   *Bekki Kossa
   *Beverly Todd
   *The Last Poets
   *Less Brown
   *Louis Farrakhan
   *Ben Ammi Ben Israel
   *Dr. Cecil Cone
   *Prince Asiel Israel
   *Dr. Llaila Africa
   *Oscar Brown Jr and many others

President/CEO: Fine Like ME Designer Jewelry Online 

President/CEO: H. Barclay Jones Realty

Author:  Angel of the Jordan River