El'Aneet AKA Mama Africa 
                     Reminds Us About African Head Wear

As we move into the Aquarian Age we are blessed with a wonderful advantage;  We can present ourselves how ever we choose without needing permission from the masses.  My aim is to introduce the African culture to the hip broadminded people of the world.  It is a wonderfully vivacious expression of beauty, style and soul which is quickly spreading throughout the globe.  

Never limit your self expression!  Style is what will make you stand out in the crowd.  Your Africanism makes you more regal.

Adorn yourself in your own special way and watch how fine you'll begin to feel.  Watch how much better you'll begin to look.

​Even our youth are discovering the ancient beauty of the African headwrap. 

So remember, there is a King or Queen inside each of us and it is uncovered once we embrace our uniqueness.

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African Dance Movements Head Wrapping Demo
Vegan Shake and Cookie  


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