Welcome to Kwanzaa 2017!!

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Downtown Woodland Kwanzaa Association  
Greetings Family:

Welcome to the 3rd annual Downtown Woodland Kwanzaa Association (DWKA) community Kwanzaa!

Each year we try to bring to the Greater Cleveland Area a spiritual, informative and life changing Kwanzaa experience.  We believe that if we unite our people on the first day of Kwanzaa we will usher in a beautiful spirit to carry us throughout the season and the entire year ahead.  

This year, as with each preceding year, Dr. Andrew Clark has provided us with the beautiful holy Trinity Cultural Arts Center's Embassy Suite.  This year however, he has extended his offering to the use of the Underground.  It is an exciting, newly remodeled event center located beneath the Embassy Suite with a stage and an exquisitely posh environment.  Thank You Dr. Clark! 

So on behalf of our committee members and organizations that work so hard to produce this wonderful event I say again, Welcome=Akwaaba!

ElAneet Barclay-Jones